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Abdominal Massage & Castor Oil Pack

(Chi Nei Tsang)

  • 2 hours
  • 165 New Zealand dollars
  • Katrina Wood Acupuncture

Service Description

In Chinese Medicine it’s called Chi nei tsang, which translates as “working the energy (Qi) of the internal organs.” It’s an ancient, external massage technique that uses deep, gentle touch to help the internal organs and systems work more efficiently. It is very common for us to hold tension and negative energy in the abdomen and lower back, particularly the digestive and reproductive systems. By gently massaging these regions I am able to stimulate Qi and blood flow, because in Chinese medicine theory, when Qi moves, blood follows. Chi Nei Tsang is effective for conditions like endometriosis (can help to soften adhesions), period pain, scarring, I.B.S., constipation, bloating, pelvic pain, stress and anxiety to name but a few. Chi Nei Tsang with Castor Oil Pack and Acupuncture Treatment is 2 hours. Please message me for more details and booking info. *not suitable for pregnancy, those with an IUD or at the time of menstruation.

Contact Details

  • 320 Casement Road, Whangamatā 3620, New Zealand


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